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Are you self-motivated? Interested in studying from home or combining day classes with studying at your own pace?

If so, Flexible Delivery at Newstead College may be for you!

The college provides an extensive array of level two and level three subjects which can lead to gaining your TCE or even an ATAR score for University Entrance. Students who have studied through Flexible Delivery have achieved the highest results both at level two and three.

 Studying in this manner allows you to have greater flexibility for how you work and combining a flexible learning subject with your on campus studies allows you to, perhaps, pursue casual employment, participate in sporting endeavours or even travel. Many students have studied independently whilst travelling with their family, working part time or simply because travelling five days a week to college is difficult due to their location.

Whatever your situation, Flexible Delivery can be “flexible”!!

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                          Newstead College, Flexible Delivery Proposed courses 2018:

Ancient History Level 3
Art Theory & Criticism Level 3
Athlete Development Level 2
Basic Computing Level 1
Basic Road Safety Level 1
Biology Level 3
Business Studies - Foundation Level 2
Business Studies Level 3
Career & Life Planning Level 2
Computer Applications - Information Processing Level 2 
English Applied Level 2
English – Foundation Level 2
English Level Level  3
English Writing Level 3
English Literature Level 3
Enviromental Science & Society Level 3
Essential Skills - Using Computers & the Internet Level 2
Essential Skills - Maths Level 2
Essential Skills - Reading and Writing Level 2
Food and Cooking Essentials Level 1
Food and Nutrition Level 3
Food, Cooking and Nutrition Level 2
Mathematics - Foundation Level 2
General Mathematics Level 3
German Level 2
German  Level 3
ealth Studies Level 3
History and the Environment Level 2
Introduction to Sociology & Psychology Level 2
Legal Studies Foundation Level 2
Legal Studies Level 3
Life Science 2
Personal Care Level 1
Personal Health and Wellbeing Level 2
Physical Sciences 3
Practical English Level 1
Project Implementation - Computing Level 2
Psychology Level 3
Road Safety Education Level 2
Sport Science – Foundation Level 2
Student directed inquiry (year 12 only)
Working with Children Level 2
Workplace Maths Level 2

For Instance....
a student may choose a course that has three  day contacts and one flexible Delivery, depending on your interests and ability:
Maths Maths 3*
  –Day class
German 2
  -Day class
Physical Recreation 2
  -Day class
English Writing 3*
  –Flexible learning​​

​ Sarah:
English Applied
  -Day class
Production 2
  -Day class
Visual Art 2Art 2
   -Day class
General Maths 2
  - Flexible Learning

Chemistry 4*
  -Day class
Accounting 3*
  -Day class
Photography 2
  -Day class
Psychology 3*
  –Flexible learning

 Study through Flexible Learning can also be full time.
Studying in this manner does require you to be an organised and committed student, who works independently.  However, it also provides you with considerable flexibility throughout the week.
It is definitely an option to accommodate study to your lifestyle and preferred learning style.  
Enquire today and see if it works for you…


Chris Sheedy
Flexible Delivery
Phone: 6332 3211

Karen Cooper
Administrative Assistant
phone : 6332 3250
            If you are interested fill in an application form and return to Newstead College..... DOWNLOAD HERE.